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My other jersey's collar is popped

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Non-Metro related, but...

Logan's Revenge is passing around a purported shot of the WC '06 Nike unis; not to bite on his traffic but here it is.

All well and good, right? I'm not a total uniform nut, so I'm not going to get into the ins and outs of aesthetics and all that; as long as a shirt is not aggressively obnoxious or putridly ugly (and you can all think of some examples yourselves), I'm good. And the US version actually looks pretty nice, nice enough for me to splash out for sometime this spring. But....what's that on the Dutch kit? Is that...could it be...a collar? Damn you, Nike. You know all you had to do was slap that on the US shirt - all you had to do was stitch that on anything, even the denim thing from '94 - and every soccer nerd in America, myself included, would be camped outside the Nike store to get at it.
C'mon, just do it.

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