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Not ready to make nice.

Typical brilliance from MLS


Just a quick note from the MLS Cup halftime interview with Don Garber that just aired a moment ago - specifically, a reaffirmation of news from earlier this week that MLS is doing a "cost-benefit analysis" w.r.t. the possibility of bringing David Beckham into the league.

The news isn't really that they're running the numbers. No, it's that they're being so unbelievably, ridiculously public and specific about their target.

These MLS honchos wouldn't make very good poker players, would they? Sigh.

Unless, of course, their "cost-benefit analysis" is really just an routine exercise which tells them the damned obvious; as a good, but limited and hardly world-top-10 player at this point, Beckham's on-field contributions surely won't be worth however many millions MLS pays for him, and it's highly questionable whether his marketing/PR appeal stateside is what some imagine it is - and so this is really just a tactic to get MLS's name in some headlines, here and abroad.

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