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Metro 2 DC 2: Instant impressions

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Meola looks lean, mean and controlled his box.
Parke looks like he's back. Strong game. But man, you coulda had the glory there on that volley.
Mendes is an MLS defender, but gives me agida as an outside defender. When are we gonna trade a bag of cap space to Chivas for Orlando Perez, so they can pick up O'Brien?
Graham is big and will play in this league, but appeared nervy.
Wynne looks funny when he runs. A little bit of crazy legs. But his speed had the right side of the DC attack three-quarters locked up already, and once he's gained some real experience and skill on the ball, you might as well just not come down his side of the field.
O'Rourke takes the smart foul. But I miss Michael Bradley.
Amado was maybe half the presence he has been in seasons past. Not "half as good", just "half as prominent in the course of play". That's not entirely bad, nor good. I'd settle at 75%.
Youri's still magnificent.
If Buddle stays hungry and healthy, we'll forever think fondly about Eddie Gaven - but won't miss him. Did you see him run through the entire DC defense? "Scintillating" is the term, I believe.
At times, some very, very good team defending (something this team has never been good at.) At other times...not.

Those RBNY jerseys....very nice. For a rec league team. 14DelTablon tells Metrofanaticos all about the intense creative process that led to those beauties you saw on the field today. Anyone wanna start a pool on how many iron-on letters/numbers get totally yanked off over the course of the season?

DC banner: "Our Love Don't Cost A Thing". Don't you f'ing hate it when the scum are right? It makes my skin crawl to say it, but I do. It sure would've been nice to see so many fans flaunt their Metro passion when it costed a couple shekels.

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