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Abbe Ibrahim - remember him?

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It's WC roster deadline day, and just like you I'm frenetically clicking refresh on the Togo page at and waiting to see if Abbe's been named to the African debutantes. As for this slimmest of chances that someone (sort of) from Metro will be reprasentin' in's not looking good for him, since he isn't listed in the squad for the Togo team that lost 1-0 to the Saudis yesterday in Holland.

As has explained, that may in fact be a little beneficial for us, at least if you want to see him back as a Metro Red anytime soon. After telling him, his physical attributes and raw style to get lost over the winter, Mo evidently woke up one morning and realized his striking options were, well, shit, and meager shit at that. Cue an interminable period of visa problems (we don't know where the culpability lies, but MF insinuates that the team was partly to blame for these) Togo national team training camps, and so on. We're still waiting. The official Togo Football Federation site - surely the only offish national team webpage with naked Kelis photos posted front and center* - is shockingly devoid of reports on the situation.

But if it is true that the team is only offering Abbe a $10,000 developmental contract, can you blame him for looking elsewhere? I'd go fishing for a while, too.

On the other hand, with Peguero scoring this weekend, and the news that Jozy Altidore is back, and scoring with the reserves, one wonders if there's that much interest from the Metro end anymore, anyway.

*Ha! Made you look. Can't wait to see how my keyword stats are skewed by people searching for "naked Kelis photos".

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