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It's busy times here at Metrologist World Headquarters. Doing some housekeeping, tweaking the look ever so slightly, arranging my sure-to-be-sensational fantasy EPL side on the cusp of a new season(arise and conquer, Planet Of The Tevezs), refinancing the house for Beckham tickets, and dealing with real world obligations, all while stoically surviving the nasty middle American heat.

Knowing a thing or two about blogging dry spells myself (a subject for later posts), I've gone about culling some links to blogs that have fallen by the wayside, have gone dark for a year, or just don't seem to fit in with what I want this blog to be about anymore.

Lucky for you, I've been hooked on a few new ones, which you ought to check out.

Pitch Invasion is one of my favorite daily reads nowadays. "Football supporter culture, passion and politics." Just my kind of stuff, and the more blogs I see like this (see also: Culture of Soccer and Two Hundred Percent. Give me others!) the better. Let me be totally honest. There's a number of bloggers out there that have the gift of recapping/commenting/waxing insightful/newsgathering down, but so much of what's out there - and I'm not calling out, or even thinking of anywhere in particular - seems a combination of dizzy news feedback-looping, attempted clairvoyance, and somewhat meandering snark.
Perhaps it's just me: I'm just not much good at breaking down games and players in such quasi-analytical ways, nor am I all that interested in reading, much less writing such stuff, at least on the novice level. I enjoy the game immensely, but it is mostly the culture, the economics, the politics and everything that surrounds the game that I really want to deal with here. As fans and people, we are all in touch with, and can say something worthwhile about, that.

Secondly, I cannot fail to mention the mindbender that is Football Is Fixed. I quite seriously don't know if its treatise-spinning anonymous author is a holy prophet, a paranoid conspiratorial nut, or if it is all actually a magnificent wind-up. It is a great, if get-a-cup-of-coffee-and-settle-in-for-a-while kind of read. Should I be concerned that I find it, in fact, all too believable?


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