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Reds v. Revs and more

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Whoever's got the RBNY account at Peter Pan Bus Lines has been cleaning up over the past couple weeks, no? A week after the Metro Army rolled down to RFK on the corporate dime, Big Taurine is subsidizing the visit of a few hundred New England fans for today's tilt. I haven't spent much time this week calculating just how many are going to be in the stadium tonight, amidst a maelstrom of rumors and "I heard from my ticket guy that..." type hearsay. I don't think there's any chance of getting the 60-80k numbers that have been bandied about over the past few weeks, Cosmos tribute/Challenger the Eagle/BMX superstars/Crazy Legs Colon/frenetic papering-of-the-house be damned. But the crowd should be big (live is another story), and if you're a longtime Metro fan, you know what that means. Chances are good we're coming out flatter than flat. Kin Of Fish breaks down the matchups, so I don't have to. Which is good, because I largely suck at such position-by-position analysis, and I'm not a big believer in it meaning anything anyway.

Prognosticating is nothing terribly new, but just let Marc Connelly go heads-up with Jeff Bradley on his blog, and suddenly everyone's a Carnac - myself included.
A belated look back at last week's predictions shows that hey, I did pretty damn good. 5-1 isn't a bad way to start the season, but unfortunately there's (almost) nowhere to go but down from here.

Metrologist Picks, week 2:

DC 3 Chivas 1
Metro 3 Revs 2
Houston 1 Kansas City 1
Colorado 1 Columbus 2
LA 1 Chicago 0

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  1. Blogger Mr. Fish 

    Thanks for the link - hopefully the boys'll land 3 points at RSL this week.

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