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The NHL, and comedic decapitation - brought to you by Dodge

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This may have started as a blog dedicated to the fortunes of Metrostars soccer (it's right there in the name, after all) but given the sour-tasting mix of blandness, agitation and indifference CFKAM has been delivering since March, the ever-increasing joylessness that comes from "following" what isn't a club so much as a pure global marketing exercise, I'm so very glad indeed that NHL hockey is back.

But as for hockey fans being back...not so much. At least not the sort who make totally bizarre street hockey-inspired movies like this. Just enough production values (I mean, there's titles! And not just that, but the tinkly sitcom piano, the chiller-thriller shriek sounds) to let you know that a modicum of thought and effort went into this. It would be so much less disturbing - but certainly less funny - if it was just your typical stupid stoner kids joint.

There are at least 3 adults involved with this "production;" clearly, all should be put on a DCYS hotlist, stat. That said, I sure hope that when the NHL rips off Youtube like they're ripping off Myspace (fallen a little behind, haven't they?) the same production company deranged hockey dad has a sequel ready.

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