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Live - Metro Reds vs. New England

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Coming up on the end of the first half; 0 Metro shots on goal (granted, Edson hit the post, sez Matchtracker) to 3 for the Revs. 10 fouls as well. Arisrules at MF says Buddle's been strong, Graham pathetic, Wynne showing fast but raw, and everything a state of relative disarray.

Superclub, huh?


Almost a half hour in, and it looks like the live stream is not going to happen. Actually, one senses that what will happen is even worse - the stream will pop up right around the 81st minute, when we're down 3-1. Count on it.

I'm not a specialist in remote viewing by matchtracker, but it looks like we're getting worked. Amado, in particular, seems to be itching for a yellow for persistent infringement. Joe Franchino has more shots on goal than our side. Maybe we don't want to be seeing this one.


Fifteen minutes gone. We're all still scoreless and sightless. 5-0 Metro advantage in the fouls department, so at least we're on top in something. Same lineup as that in DC last weekend, in case you were wondering.

Ok, now we're not even getting the blank screen...that's not a good sign at all.


We're a minute twenty eight in, and O'Rourke and Guevara have already been whistled for scything down New England midfielders. Awesome.

Whoops - that's three, as notorious hard man Chris Henderson upends Clint Dempsey. Can we go 4 for 4 inside of three minutes? Stay tuned...or....trackered.

And....we're live blogging! And writing up assignments for class on Monday! And working off the last bits of the hangover from last night. And....staring at the dreaded black screen of death. Did someone at MLS HQ forget to pay InDemand? Or is the weather playing hav-ock ((c) Ty Keough) with the starting time?

Nope - it's underway. But we're stuck with a Matchtracker for now.

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