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Please don't tell Red Bull about this

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Ah, but I'm sure they're already on top of it. (from Deadspin)

"The site has been born after the World Cup of Soccer 2006. During the world cup, I was lacking loyalty to a specific country so I decided to auction off my loyalty via Ebay. The auction was a success with much media interest, and the business of hireafan was born. After my loyalty was secured for Serbia and Montenegro, I discovered there was a market of people that were willing to cheer for any game for a price."

Ha, no shit.

"The concept behind this site is simple. is exactly as is seems, you pay for a fan to cheer for your team for a specific game. In return for your fan purchase, you will receive advertising on this site, as well as a photograph of your fan in front of a television set during the game."

Gee, anyone know a team with a lot of money to throw away, to go with a glaring lack of attention to its "product"?

Actually, amidst the Beckham-to-MLS nonsense being thrown around last week, someone made the point that for $100 million, the league would be better advised to offer 20 dollar bills to the next 5 million people to come through the gates. That is a sharp take, but at $5 a head this is even more of a bargain.

And it's already got sponsorship from multilevel marketers and online touts? Google is scraping together another billion dollars as we speak.

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