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Matchups, predictions, and a thought on capped Reds

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Kin of Fish has your Red-RSL breakdown here. He's calling them "must-have points," which I semi-sorta agree with, but he imagines we'll end up having them in the end. I don't see it. Hate to be the pessimist, but this game absolutely stinks of draw to me. 1-1 is my prediction.

I've been shadowing the Bradley-Connelly Derby going on over at Marc's blog; after a hot 5-1 start, last week wasn't nearly so good to me. 2-4 in week 2 puts me at 7-5 (0 correct scores) which knots up the Battle of Connecticut (Connelly's a fellow CT-er, in case ya didn't know.)
Here's my list for week 3.

Columbus 2 Chicago 1
DC 1 Houston 1
KC 2 New England 0
Colorado 1 Dallas 0
RSL 1 Reds 1
Chivas 2 Galaxy 1

Watching Tony Meola get his 100th cap against Jamaica on Tuesday got me wondering; if that's the last time he gets called up by Bruce (and all things being equal, I'll wager that it is) how long will it be before we see another Red called up for the US? Sometime in 2007? With no one else in the present group of 35, and very few of them even knocking on the door, it's very possible isn't it? Perhaps another question should be, who's going to be the next Metro to get called up to the national team? Buddle? Wynne? Arvizu or Altidore? It could be quite a while before a Red is wearing red white and blue again.

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